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Faunatar Pet Shop
Faunatar is well known for its customer service and full range of pet supplies. In our stores we sell small animals like reptiles, rodents, rabbits, birds and aquarium fish and provide accessories and foods for all of them as well as for dogs and cats.
All our products are carefully selected for each animal group in terms of health and quality.

We focus on customer service and educated staff
In Faunatar we appreciate good knowledge about pet animals from our staff members as we want to provide the very best professional and personal customer service. We always make sure that our customers get all the information and guidance they need for their pet. We are proud of our committed and professional staff as we feel they are our most valuable resource.

The wellbeing of pets is number one
The reason Faunatar was founded was the wellbeing of animals sold from pet stores. In our stores we have moderate housing and carefully planned diet for each species. We love animals and feel that it´s our mission to make sure every animal we sell goes to the best possible home and the natural habitat of the animal is taken into consideration. When choosing new products to our stores we never choose those which could be of harmful to animals.

Faunatar retail chain
Faunatar retail chain is a franchising chain. We started the business in 1980 and expanded in franchising in 1993. Faunatar is also a member of The Finnish Franchising Association.

Faunatar, Head office:

CEO Johanna Valo
E-mail: johanna.valo(at)faunatar.fi

Marketing manager Eeva Ahervuo
E-mail: markkinointi(at)faunatar.fi

Field manager Elina Siren

Category manager, Leena Borgström
E-mail:  leena.borgstrom(at)faunatar.fi

Project manager Kirsi Savolainen